WordPress Speed Fix

We will fix and make your WP website load much Faster…

We guarantee a faster WordPress website and green core web vitals. Money-back guaranteed.

WordPress Speed Fix Service

Is your WordPress website running slow?

We can can fix it! Guaranteed.

We guarantee that our WP speed fix service will meet the Google Core Web Vitals requirements on both desktop and mobile. Your WordPress website will load lightning fast! We Guarantee it. 

If we don’t achieve all Good Core Web Vitals we’ll refund 100% of your money. 

No questions asked.

Advanced WordPress Development Approach and Techniques

How our WP Speed Fix service works?

Our WP Speed Fix service simply ensures that your WordPress website is following the best practice and have the latest advanced techniques for speed optimization performance.

We are experienced Web Developers that understand the structure of a web application, from the initial request to the final browser rendered document we will analyze, measure, fix and optimize your WP website code and make sure it loads lightning fast.

All the changes made to your site are noted in a log file and delivered to you with additional recommendations and long-term assistance even after the service ends.

Image Optimization

Images can carry unnecessary data. We compress images without losing quality their impact.

Database Optimization

If your site is not brand new then there is likely a lot of bloat in your databases. Cleaning up the databases helps your entire site run more smoothly.

Plugin Optimization

Removing unused plugins, consolidating plugins and even hard coding specific functions a plugin performs directly into the theme are all strategies to improve your site speed.


There is more to properly setting up Caching than just installing a plugin. Properly setting it to HTML, CSS & JS minification and lazy loading of images is key.

WooCommerce optimization

Speeding up a WooCommerce eCommerce store will improve your user experience. We can help eCommerce-focused WooCommerce sites get faster ultimately improving conversion rates.

Personalised functions

All websites are different! And we understand that websites are developed from different levels of developers and our team is aware and capable to optimize any custom-built website.

Is your WP website too slow?

Fix your WordPress Speed now!

We guarantee that our WP Speed Fix service will make your website faster.


See below the pricing and options of investment for your website!

WordPress Speed optimization



Standard one-off fee for any WordPress website.

  • Minify HTML, JS and CSS
  • Optimize JS and CSS files
  • Combine Assets
  • Advanced Image Compression
  • SSL Configuration
  • Youtube optimization
  • CDN Configuration Check & Fix
  • Optimize Javascript parsing
WooCommerce + WordPress optimization



Optimizing eCommerce stores requires experience. We can help make WooCommerce online stores get faster.

  • Fully optimize online store
  • Plus all included on WordPress optimization
Speed your success up

A caring service to make your website faster as your success.

We have helped making the internet a faster place.


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